Juggle-dreamstime_1829028-SizedThe best advice for getting things done is summed up in 11 simple words:

One thing at a time. Most important thing first. Start now. (“OTAATMITFSN” or, “oh-tot-mut-fuss’n” is how I abbreviate it).

I wish I knew where I got the phrase and whom I could credit for adding so much to my life, but I don’t. It would also be nice if a lot of other things could be made so simple and easy, but usually they can’t.

This is simple. This works.

When I feel like I have too much to do and too little time to get it done. OTAATMITFSN. When I feel unmotivated to do the things I need to get done. OTAATMITFSN. When I have a pile of things to get done and don’t know where to start. OTAATMITFSN

  • One thing at a time.

I want to talk about multitasking in a later post, but for now I just want to mention the importance of concentrating on one thing and freeing yourself from distractions. If you are doing something important, turn off your email, silence your phone, stop your messages, and don’t tweet. If seems our world today is designed to distract us, and it hurts our productivity more than we realize.

  • Most important thing first.

It all starts with a list, you must have a list–but that is not enough.

Many times I find the things on my to-do list that I like to do and start there. Bad idea. Start with the things that are important. Start with the things that will get results. Start with the things that really matter to your goals. Most people spend less than half their time on the things that really matter.

Reward yourself along the way at milestones. Big rewards for big accomplishments; simple rewards for smaller ones. I like to take a small reward after each task that I finish. Enjoy a nice cup of tea or stick your head out the door and take a nice breath of fresh air. You deserve it!

  • Start now.

Many people have trouble starting the really important tasks. Don’t procrastinate! Start now!

One thing at a time. Most important thing first. Start now.

Simple words; profound impact.

Okay, now that I have this blog post written, it is on to #207 on my list.

Please make a comment on what you think about OTAATMITFSN.

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